Blind Wizard Brawl combines physicality of a card game with the digital nature of an app, using both in tandem creates a unique and interesting game for you and for friends.
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You are a blind wizard brawler! Your goal? Ensure you are the last one standing!

Each player has their own app on their device. Generate characters at random and in private.

Your character will have a generated name, picture, ability and set of randomised stats.

The players stats individually will vary, but their overall value will always be the same, and every Player will start with 17 Health.

Creating your deck

Seperate the cards into three separate communal stacks for each card type: Blaze, Wave, and Growth. Additional cards are not needed for gameplay.

All players take one card from each of these stacks to create their a personal deck of three cards.

Shuffle your deck and draw two cards, which creates your opening hand. The final remaining card is placed face-down and is now your personal deck.


During your turn, you do two things: Magic, and Draw.

First, do some magic!

To do magic, you can do one of three things, Chant, Cast, and Mind Blast.


Choose a card type you wish to chant. If a stack is empty, no player can chant from it.

Take a card from the top of the stack of your choice and play it immediately by using the card's chant effects.

You may then channel any number of cards of the same type as the chanted card from your hand, which improves the effects.

The chanted card and any channeled cards are then placed in your discard pile, face up next to your deck.


Return a card from your hand to its respective stack, and choose another player to declare an attack on, using that stat.

You may reveal any number of additional cards of the same type as the casted card, which gives you a +1 bonus to the attack for each card revealed.

Announce the value of that stat (including bonuses) as shown in your app.

Revealed cards remain in the attackers hand. The defending player takes damage equal to the difference between your attacking stat and their blocking stat as stated on the card.

At no point does the defending player need to reveal their stat or any damage taken.

All damage taken is inputted on the app. The defending player can bluff extra damage by tapping the bluff sound button!

Mind Blast

Return one Blaze card, one Wave card, and one Growth card from your hand to their respective stacks.

Choose an opponent and deal 5 damage to them!

You cannot Mind Blast if you don't have all three cards.

Ending your turn

After doing magic, draw a card from your deck. There is no maximum hand size.

Whenever you would draw a card and your deck is empty, simply shuffle your discard pile and place it face-down to create a new deck.

Finally, end your turn and the next player begins.