Hero Cards

Saolkam Royals

Struggling with a years-long war with the ever-growing pirate menace, the Royal Army and Navy of the kingdom use a variety of techniques and practices to defeat their foe. However, they are also not known for their honourable morals, and the closer one gets to the castle, the darker things begin to sound.

Saolkam Citizens

The citizens of Saolkam work for and believe in the causes of either the corrupt Royals or the greedy Gulls, simply desperate to survive one day to the next, surrounded by danger within the confines of their own protected city. Fleeing to the dangerous surrounding lands means almost certain death, but staying in a city of distrust and betrayal isn't much safer.

Gull Pirates

Gull Pirates are the most persistent and notorious across all the world, working with Condors and the magical Dark Crows for their own greedy ends. Increasingly though, they've taken interest in the vast and ever-growing wealth of the Kingdom of Saolkam and have set up many Nest Fleets around the oceans for one of the longest naval sieges in the world.

Wild Goblins

The Goblins are ubiquitous across the land, from Saolkam and far beyond. They are known for all sorts of wild antics and impossible to predict what they might be doing or thinking. As a species, their interests seem to change with the time and they only ever seem to be spotted during special events and festivals throughout the land.